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Electric Heat Tracing System

Electric Heat Tracing System is divided as pipe freeze protection system and process temperature maintenance system. In cold weather, pipe freeze protection system prevents freezing of fluids in fire speingkler piping, water piping, and storage tank. Process temerature maintenance system maintains the temperature of the fluid in a pipe at the desire level, depending on the need detected by the particular process or application. Generally, self-regulating heating cable is used for these systems.


Control systems such as themostat, controller, and electric panel help to maintain the temprature of fluid contained in a heat traced pipe. Additional accessaries are power connection kit, tee connection kit, end seal lamp kit and glass tape etc.


Feature of Heating Cable that is used for Electric Heat Tracing System

  • 1. Self-regulating Heating Cable

        It is to automatically be adjusted the heat output in reponse to increasing or descreasing pipe.

       It can be overlapped without burning to ease installation process specially with odd shaped heating objects like valves and pumps.

       It can be cut to any length in the field.

       Acquired certification for explosion proof, non explosion and corrosion environment.

       It uses "less energy" compared to other types of heating cables.


    2. Series Heating Cable

       Semi-permanent life

       Material of it is flexible and installaion is simple

       When longline cable type is applied, expense of system is optimization.

       When Mi cable type is applied, it is suitable for high temperature maintenance maintain


Heating Cable

     Self-regulating Heating Cable

Long-line Heating Cable

Mi-Heating Cable



  • Freeze protection

     High temperature maintenance

    Smooth fuid flow

    Long-line freeze protction and temperature maintenance




  • Freeze protection for water pipe, fire springkler, storage tank

     Freeze protection for water treatment plant

    Temperature maintenance for chemical plant and food plant

    Temperature maintenace for oil line, oil tank, process line

    Freeze protection for underground parking lot




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